Experience Luxury Living in a Row House


A row house is a series of homes situated side by side connected with a common wall of similar or identical designs. A row house is a semi-independent house due to common walls connected with each other. When it comes to buying a property everyone feels difficult to select a good property with a healthy environment. If you are looking to have a good synergy with your neighbour, buying a row house in Nagpur will be a good choice. When you have to invest your money in real estate, look for ventures in Mahalaxmi City. The project has paid attention to the needs of various people, which is why the builders have developed flats, villas, and row houses. This will not leave the customer short for options and will enable them to choose the right one after wise decision-making.

How is row house different from others?

If you are thinking of buying a property, you should go for row house because it gives you both pleasure of living in an apartment and villa. It gives you the feel of living in a semi-independent villa. Mahalaxmi city gives you the pleasure which you have always dreamt of. You find similar houses in a single community. Apartments and villas have become a common thing but buying a row house in Nagpur can be different from your common property purchases.

  •        A house is a thing that you won’t let go out of fashion. Like we change clothing style in the same way the style and design of your house should also be changed according to the time. And with row house, you will never feel to change the exterior design as all homes look similar in a community with the same design and style.
  •        You save a lot of money while buying a row house as it is cheaper than villas and higher than apartments. But you get an advantage of inbuilt interior and exterior design which can save your money. So you get a classy house with luxurious space.
  •        You get happiness of living in a community with neighbours same like your societal standard. The living standards like hobbies, lifestyle, habits of your neighbours will match your living standards. Even your kids can hang out and play with other kids in the community and that too under your eye.
  •        You get your privacy even living in a house connected with each other in a row. Your privacy and space will not be disturbed by your neighbours. And the house facilities like waterline, garden, electricity will not be shared by your neighbours or anyone else.

Investing in a row house can be a good reference for a new property investor with serene beauty and all luxurious facilities. A row house will never go out of fashion as it has been in demand for decades. When you are thinking to buy a row house in Nagpur, think of Mahalaxmi City. All modern facilities are present in the property so that you can live the life of your dreams.




4 Reasons That Make Buying 1 BHK Apartments Best

smartbuildingRecent trends in housing in India reveal that people are increasingly buying 1 BHK apartment across the major cities. The real estate industry in the country is fast expanding, and the focus on 1 BHK apartments has been consistent among investors. Experts have revealed a number of factors contributing to the increment in sales of apartments with 1 BHK in Kalyan and the other key cities in the country. It must be noted, that the cost of apartments has been rising over the years, as people are moving to the key cities like Mumbai, Kalyan, Thane and the adjoining areas.

In case you are interested to invest in property, you can buy a 1 BHK home in one of the major cities of the country. Have a look at the key reasons behind the popularity of these small yet elegant apartments.

Cost factor

People are looking for affordable homes these days. The cost of apartments with 1 BHK in Kalyan is within their affordability. Therefore, it involves lesser capital, as compared to larger apartments. The home buyer needs to make a small down-payment and relatively smaller instalments. Besides, these homes come within the affordable housing range, which is meant for the lower income groups. Considering their affordability, this is the ideal size of homes to buy.

Demand-supply equation

Traditionally, people have been buying 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The sales of 1 BHK apartments in the major cities had been low for all these years. However, the real estate companies have continued to develop these homes. As a result, their prices are relatively low, due to the lack of high demand. When you buy apartments with 1 BHK in Kalyan, you can negotiate for a lower price, and get it at a discounted rate. As this is not possible in the case of larger apartments, investors are interested in 1 BHK apartments in the big cities, rather than the smaller ones. Besides, certain housing estates offer lucrative deals to the homeowners, so that they are able to sell off the property quickly. These include waiving off the GST, free membership to clubs and so on.

Low utility cost

According to the latest norms imposed by the government of Maharashtra, the owner of homes with less than an area of 500 square feet can enjoy a tax deduction. In case you buy an apartment with size varying between 500 to 700 square feet, you can enjoy as much as 60% tax reduction on the property. Apart from this, the utility cost and maintenance costs of these properties are lower, as compared to larger apartments.

Easily rentable

When you buy an apartment with 1 BHK in Kalyan, you can easily rent it off. The city has got a high rental potential, with a lot of corporate employees looking for small apartments. Particularly, bachelors and young couples looking for quality apartments often go for these new apartments of small size. The high rental value of these properties makes them a lucrative investment for the homeowners.

In case you are willing to buy a home in one of the key cities in the country, you can get a 1 BHK apartment in Kalyan.

Why Kalyan will drive Mumbai’s realty market now


In recent years, the real estate industry in India looks in good health. The top cities across the country are experiencing good growth, with investors buying real estate for better living facilities. Particularly, the demand for property in Kalyan has experienced a surge, due to its proximity to Mumbai and the extensive infrastructural developments that have been carried out in the area. It is evident from the sales figures that Kalyan will be driving the realty market of Mumbai in the coming months.

The growth of residential projects in the area has been phenomenal in the last few years. The reputed real estate developers have been active in coming up with elegant apartments for the homeowners. A large number of these complexes have green zones and eco-friendly infrastructures. Considering the craze for green living facilities, the developers have integrated the residential complexes with parks, pathways and gardens. If you are willing to buy a property in Kalyan, you can go for one of these apartments. A classy lifestyle, along with the luxury that you had always craved for defines the lifestyle in Kalyan.

Have a look at the factors that are leading to the high demand for residential property in Kalyan.

  • The rental potential in the city is high. As Kalyan lies close to other important cities like Thane and Mumbai, the corporate employees are seeking quality homes in the city. Besides, they are also seeking rental homes in the city. Buying a property in Kalyan is a great investment option, as you can rent it off at good rates.
  • The commercial importance of both Kalyan and Mumbai is tremendous. As a result, the cities continue to attract employees from various parts of the country. This is one of the key factors leading to the high demand for property in the area. A large number of IT companies have come up in Kalyan in recent years. Apart from this, the MNCs are also expanding to Kalyan. This opens up a large number of employment opportunities to the residents.
  • Recently, the CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) has proposed to come up with an extension of the Belapur-Taloja metro rail, right up to Ulhas Nagar and Kalyan. This will be a major boost to the infrastructure in the area. The transportation facilities in Kalyan are well-developed. The residents can easily commute to the key business zones in the city.
  • MMRDA has plans to develop roads, that will connect Kalyan to the other regions. The Kalyan Ring Road will be coming up in a few years. This will be a 29 Km. stretch, connecting the city to the adjoining areas. For business people and office-goers, the travel time will be greatly reduced.
  • The city has a good connectivity to Mumbai, one of the commercially refined cities of the country through the Agra Road, Kalyan-Shilphata Road and NH-4. In the coming years, residents in Kalyan will be able to get an easy access to the airport.

The residential projects in Kalyan offer sophisticated living facilities to the residents. If you are keen to buy property in Kalyan you can get across to the reputed agents online and acquire the apartment.

Why should one invest in Mulund


Mulund: An Introduction

Mulund is one of the most famous suburbs of North East Mumbai. It has been known throughout history as one of Mumbai’s most famous suburbs. There are few suburbs that can match the utility, beauty and overall quality of Mulund as a residential area. it is quite centrally located with bus stands, auto stands, rickshaw stands and other such mediums of transport located throughout the suburb at even intervals. Mulund also boasts its own railway station on the central railway line of the Mumbai railway.

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park has Mulund nestled along its foothills, a fact that only serves to make Mulund much more beautiful. The Mulund Airoli Bridge provides quite easy and convenient access to the nearby Highway and the town of Navi Mumbai. This absolutely beautiful suburb marks the absolute end of Mumbai city and has been awarded several times as the prince of Mumbai suburbs.

The Locality of Mulund

Mulund has been known to be home to a large number of industrial factories civil of which commit themselves to projects that are outsourced from foreign countries. Engineering companies provide their services to Businessman and Administrators throughout the world on a daily basis from their offices in Mulund. Nowadays most of these factories have been turned to shopping complexes and luxurious apartment complexes which have resulted in a drastic change in the landscape of the Suburb. However, there are still many industry-focused colonies in this town, but these, unlike most colonies, are actually quite comfortable one BHK homes.

Educational Institutions

Mulund boasts some of the best schools and colleges in the whole of Mumbai that serve a host of purposes from nursery education to high school, college, university education and higher degrees. There are also many institutes that serve to train essential skills such as speaking skills and observational skills. Some of these famed institutes are:

  1. CEDP Skill Institute
  2. Sharon English medium School
  3. Dayanand Vivek Vidyalaya
  4. Holy Angels High School Jr. College

Residential Areas

Mulund has been known to have some of the best apartment complexes in the whole of Mumbai. These complexes are usually 1 BHK in Mulund homes, that come with separate, luxurious furnishing. One can choose from flats and apartments that cover a whole range of prices, ranging from the cute and cosy homes of 73 lacs to the luxurious apartments of 2-3 crores.

Security has never been a big concern for Mulund, as it has been successful in keeping a relatively low level of crime for several decades now. Riots, strikes and other such violent demonstrations almost never happen in this neighbourhood, and the people have been noted by many to be very welcoming and friendly.

The weather itself is quite cool, as Mumbai flaunts its signature cool breezes on a hot day, which make a tired person feel like new life has been breathed into them. Rain is common in the later months, a fact that helps enormously with the various parks and nature reserves in and around Mulund.

Why Cotton Towels Are Awesome!


If materials were supposed to be the jungle, then cotton is probably the lion. It truly is the king of materials as it brings multifold benefits to the table. Not just is it comfortable to wear, easy to maintain but also a preferred option in terms of clothing material. Most materials of our daily use are therefore, usually of cotton.


One of which is towels – a very basic product but has its utility riding high on quality. It is acceptable for users to neglect the same but you only realise the essentiality when you have an unlikeable and rough towel to use.


Having a smooth and easy-to-use towel is both a need and a luxury, and on a general basis, majority people prefer cotton towels. Want to know why?


Excellent Absorbent:

The least you can expect from your towel is it having quick absorbability. After a shower, a towel mustn’t take hours at length to be dry enough for the next use. Cotton towels can dry themselves quickly and hence, a good option for scorching summers too. Leave your cotton towel in the bathroom itself and yet, you’ll find it ready to use in no time.


Free From Retaining Odour:

Generally speaking, cotton saves your trips from home to laundry due to the nature of its material. Apart from having the advantage of being breathable, cotton is complemented by its ability to say no to retain any sort of odour. Moreover, for towels, you need something which is soft to use at the same time, a material that does not support holding any kind of odour.


The Soft Corner:

You cannot ignore a very important advantage of cotton towels- them being so mellow to use. Softness is a necessary factor for any fabric, but specially for towels. Cotton possesses a feather-like usability and great comfort. Without a doubt, it is better, if not the best material for towels.


Look And Feel Good:

The feel of cotton towels is also a treat. You look good, and feel even better! There is a certain comfort and coziness when using cotton towels. Their material is such which enriches the experience of the person wearing it. Additionally, no pilling and breathability make them look fine over a period of time. It may be a little more expensive than other materials, but you can use one through years wherein other material towels would force you to buy multiple in the same time period.



Another positive factor about cotton towels is their durability. They are the towels that shout a clear no to pilling or fibre tangling issues. Even if any pills, cotton is a material which clears them in a wash. It is this durability which ensures users a long-term usage benefit.


If you are looking for towels, cotton is your go-to. It feels good, comes with a low maintenance and doesn’t trouble you much! Really, you can count on cotton!

How Mumbai Can Give You A lifestyle Your Child Deserves


Parents are always worried for the betterment of their children to serve them with a good education, quality of life and a sustainable environment. All these aspects are dependent upon numerous factors, including a proper location. Mumbai being a metropolitan city and the financial capital of India caters over 20 million population. It is home to an excellent variety of leisure and lifestyle activities that captivates you. There is good nightlife and enjoyable venues to take advantage of. From small restaurants to the country’s vast cuisines, you get a lot to explore upon. Therefore, purchasing a property in Mumbai would be beneficial to you in various aspects.

There is a massive production of apartments and homes in Mumbai that serves all the population with their basic needs. Mumbai is a home for all class of people including the working class whose daily life is taking place in ‘Chawls’, multi-level tenements with single small rooms which accommodates the whole family, middle class resides in mass-produced apartments of different shapes and sizes that range from 450 square foot to 1400 square foot. Separate flats in various localities provide certain amenities which are affordable in price too. This also helps in promoting social inclusion.

A typical day in the life of a child living in Mumbai is something to reckon. Waking up early morning and getting ready for school, while the parents are cleaning, cooking and preparing for their day, is a common sight. A parent does not drive their kids to the school, as the bus service provided by the institution makes sure that the children are safely picked up before school and dropped to their respective homes at the end of the day. In school, co-curricular activities like extempore, sports, etc. shape the child’s character, allowing them to become a better citizen and a confident person. These activities help in the overall development of the kid, as it is essential for succeeding in life. The recess is an everyday story of children sharing their lunch and bonding. And the happiness to go back to their parents is what makes them excited as they leave the school.

The parents, on the other hand, have a contrasting life. The first challenge of the day, as mentioned above, is to complete chores like getting the child ready, cooking food, cleaning, etc. and then reaching the office on time. Working for eight hours and then returning to their child helps  their mind get rid of all they have been through during the day. For ensuring good grades of the child, parents look for tuitions which provide extra assistance in academics. The tuition classes are like group studies which allow mingling of the students while gaining knowledge, an informal version of the school but strictly academic.

A lot of people look for a property in Mumbai, as it provides opportunities for a healthy lifestyle, which every child deserves. Although the present challenges in the accommodation are intimidating, a lot of new projects are being kick-started to allow migration from rural areas and help in urbanisation.

Food Grade Lubricants: Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020


Market researches are being conducted to predict the global trends in food grade lubricants. By the year 2020, there are several trends expected to change. As per reports, the food grade lubricant market is assessed to be at 43.7 KT this year and may further increase by 6.7 % by 2020.

Depending on the usage of ingredients, the lubricants are widely classified as H1, H2 and H3. There are several international certifications that have been provided for this categorization. Manufacturing industries that maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation are certified with the 21469- ISO certification. Additionally, Halal and Kosher certifications are given to food grade manufacturers.

According to market research results, Europe has been ranked as the no. 1 market in the consumption of food grade lubricants due to the escalated food safety concerns in the continent. Europe is also expected to grow at a moderate level in terms of strict food safety regulations. In the second place, comes the North American market with strict regulations for food grade oil consumption.

The developing nations are also showing growth and development in the food and beverage industry as it continues to expand. However, this growth is  constricted due to the absence of strict food safety processes.

The market research was mainly done on food grade lubricants by base oils and application. The types of base oils can be segregated as mineral oil, synthetic oil, and bio based oil. Mineral oil is ranked at the top when it comes to consumption. Also mineral oil based food grade lubricants have the most high demand, because it is easily available, that too at a low cost. Several mineral oil based food grade lubricant products are available in the market because of the demand.

Food grade lubricants can be broadly classified into four categories: food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. Among these segments, the largest is the food. Global food grade lubricant market is growing with the increasing concern for food safety and the strict regulations attached to it. The food grade lubricant market involves both domestic as well as International. With the increase in demand, market is focused on introducing newer products.