7 Realistic Tips to Become a Successful Fashion Designer


Fashion designing is a happening profession and many youngsters today choose it as their career. Now, making a career and being successful in the same are two different things. So, do you think you have the right skill-set to become a successful fashion designer, and what do you think are the characteristics of the one? Let us find out about it.

  1. Creative Streak

To be a successful fashion designer, you must have a unique sense of personal style and a creative edge. You should be the one who displays a knack at fashionable designs for clothing and accessories, unique ones at that and not borrowed from others. Basically, your flight of imaginations must be good enough to look excellent in reality.

  1. Knowledge about Fabric and its Compositions

It is crucial to get a formal education in fashion designing because the course will help you acquire knowledge about colour, texture, fabric, and different types of designs that you can work in. You can definitely look up for reputable institutes such as INIFD Thane to pursue a fashion designing course. A good understanding of the kind of garment for a particular set of patterns can make all the difference between an eye-catchy and eye-sore-kind finished product.

  1. Eye for Detail

A successful fashion designer can envision how a particular design will look like in real. For instance, he can imagine correctly how pleats would fall on a skirt or how much a top should squeeze in at the waist, which embroidery design will look good on a material, or where the cloth should ruffle. After all, it is the fine detailing that makes clothing and accessory worth the visual effects.

  1. Good at Drawing

Along with creativity, you also need to be good at drawing. For a fashion designer, drawing skills are a mus. You can then conceptualize your ideas on paper. If you lack in this area, then no worries as formal training will certainly boost your drawing skills. For instance, the International Institute of Fashion Design Mulund provides students, special classes, to practice drawing dresses, garments, ball gowns, suits, etc.

  1. Great at Communication Skills

Apart from the skills and techniques for fashion designing, you need to possess great communication and interpersonal skills. While being a social butterfly would be too much to ask, but you will meet industry specialists and paparazzi at events and exhibitions often, making it necessary for you to be fluent in conversations and communications with not just friends, but strangers.

Also, if you are to set up your own boutique, then as an entrepreneur and primary seller, you will have to directly interact with customers in a convincing manner.

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Like we discussed, you may want to establish a business of your own. But, success at it will not come easy if you do not cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. At INIFD Thane, fashion designing students learn how the business world and finances work in the industry from the point of sales, marketing, and a lot more. These skills are essential along with creativity to get a stronghold in the ever-evolving world of fashion design.

  1. Attain Hands-On Experience

After completing your education, say from International Institute of Fashion Design Mulund, you may want to start your own business or work at a fashion designing company or a boutique of someone else. But, how well-equipped are you with skills to master everything on the very first day of work? It will be difficult, not impossible, to understand everything at the first go if you suddenly jump in at a job after your educational course.

So we would suggest you get some prior hands-on experience through summer programs or internships with a reputed fashion designer or fashion designing company. That way, you will be better prepared for taking the first step into a full-fledged job.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, to become a successful fashion designer you must be a trendsetter with ample fresh ideas to create innovative designs. You must have a competitive spirit because the competition is hard in this field of passion. You should also have the ability to work well with and within a team.

It goes without saying that you must always keep your interest alive in current fashion trends. You can enrol in INIFD Thane for a fashion design course and get formal training to attain the required knowledge and hone your creative and interpersonal skills.


Choosing the ICSE board is the best option

Teacher, we all know the answer!Parents planning to give the best quality of education to their children should know the importance of studying in the ICSE board. You might be looking for a good ICSE school in Thane where you can enroll your child. Choosing the right board of education often lands parents in dilemma. You should know the overall benefits that the students enjoy when they study under the ICSE board. In India, CBSE and ICSE are two of the most recognized boards. On selecting the right board, you can ensure a quality education for your children.

Merits of education in ICSE board

  • The syllabus under ICSE board is balanced, and ensures a comprehensive growth of the child
  • The structured syllabus provides the students with practical knowledge and they can develop their analytical abilities
  • ICSE board focuses on a diverse range of subjects, ensuring that the students can choose from a wide range of careers
  • The students enjoy a lot of flexibility in choosing the subject combination
  • Students can benefit from an edge over English, studying each of the subjects in details
  • Internal assessments are very crucial for the development of the child, which is one of the key merits of education in the ICSE board
  • The scores are aggregated, considering the internal assessments, ensuring that the students can vividly learn their lessons
  • Students who opt for management streams also find the ICSE syllabus beneficial
  • A number of foreign education systems recognize the ICSE board of education, and mostoverseas schools and colleges acknowledge the certificates
  • The students in the ICSE stream perform well in competitive examinations that are based on English

For these reasons, a large number of parents are enrolling their children at ICSE school in Thane. Here are some other benefits you should know:

Worldwide and national recognition

In the contemporary world, a large number of students prefer to study abroad during graduation. Besides, you may want to enroll your child at one of the most reputed universities in the country in the coming years. Under these situations, the global recognition of the ICSE board will stand as fruitful help. During touch competition, students passing out from the ICSE board enjoy a competitive advantage over the others. The ICSE certificate, which can be obtained after clearing the 10th grade exams, is recognized nationally. Other foreign universities also recognize it, which makes it easy for the student to get admitted to international schools. Look out for the best ICSE school in Thane for your child.

Wholesome and balanced content

The syllabus under ICSE board is topically wide and well-balanced. It covers a large number of disciplines, and the students come to learn about a diverse array of subjects. You must be knowing that the CBSE curriculum is largely math and science-oriented. This indicates that the other disciplines may not be focused on to the desired extent. Students undergoing education under the ICSE board come to learn about various languages. The education is more inclusive, wholesome and balanced.

Practical assessment and engagement

Under the ICSE board of education, the students can learn beyond textbooks. The practical activities, lab work and processes hand students, a first-hand experience, which in turn, delivers an enriched learning experience to them. The importance of project work is greater under the ICSE board, which ensures that the students develop a practical-oriented outlook towards education. Other activities include group assessments, research, project work and so on. Students learn to collaborate with each other, as they master the core skills. Get your child admitted to a reputed ICSE school in Thane, so that he or she can pick up these skills.

Strong foundation and basics

When you deliberately take measures to expose your child to a better grade of education, he or she is sure to develop a strong foundation. At the same time, your child can diversify his/her interest over a wide range of subjects. An analytical methodology of learning makes the overall teaching process effective. The good ICSE schools make the students ready to embrace the career of their choice.

It is recommended to get your child admitted at a reputed ICSE school in Thane. This will help them imbibe all the relevant skills that lay the foundation to a happening career.

How part-time fashion Designing courses can boost your career?


Fashion designing offers promising career prospects to creative-minded people. A large number of students and professionals have been benefitted from part-time fashion designing courses. Several reputed institutions train up the students and you can apply online at one of these to master the skills. On learning fashion designing, you can give a boost to your career. The fashion designers can express their story through designs and creativity.

Importance of a fashion designing course

The fashion designing course has been designed in such a way, that even professionals working with a company can learn the skills. When you enrol for the part-time fashion designing courses, you will acquire relevant skills to come up with your customized collection. The courses focus on practical learning or the fashion industry in real life. Along with this, you will receive the aligned training. It is advisable to complete the course from a reputed platform. This will foster the aspects of imagination, marketing and creativity in you. The popular fashion-designing courses are project-based. This enables the students to acquire industry-related skills.

When you complete one of the part-time fashion designing courses, you will gain a piece of comprehensive knowledge about the relevant subject. This varies from one course to the next. The popular aspects include production analysis, fabric analysis, thematic work and dealing with concepts to cater to the needs of the customers. The course also focuses on current trends, cultural innovations, norms and dynamics in the fashion industry.

The reputed institutions provide a platform to the students, where they can display their talent in the industry. The students may also get placement opportunities at top companies, given that they qualify for the same.

Learning outcomes of fashion designing course

On completing one of the part-time fashion designing courses, the students will benefit from the intense training on the basics of clothing and manufacturing. The experienced trainers take care of the aspirants, and as a student, you can gain knowledge on future trends. Fashion is always evolving and it is important for the students to make their career futureproof.

Students have different interests, and when they complete the course, they can channelize their energies into the relevant directions. They might be interested in children’s wear, women’s wear, men’s wear and so on. Besides, you can tap the career opportunities as a production executive, textile designer, fashion communicator and so on. Many people establish their careers in as fashion bloggers, run magazines or work as a journalist in this domain. Other career prospects for students completing the part-time fashion designing courses include the profiles of event manager, quality control executive and visual merchandiser.

When you complete the course, you may also be interested to come up with your own brand, work as an entrepreneur in this industry or establish a design studio. You may also prefer to be a fashion columnist or freelancer, working with various journals and magazines.

If you are interested to complete one of the fashion designing courses in thane part time, get across to the reputed institutions. The degree in fashion designing is rewarding and relevant in the present employment scenario.


Your car is worth millions – Keep it clean


As a car owner, you might be obsessed with keeping your vehicle clean. A well-maintained car looks fresh and younger. Well, if you own a car, you must realize its value and keep it clean. Here, you will come across some tips and guidelines, that will help you to maintain a fresh and decent look in your car. From the time you time, you may be visiting the service centre to get the repairs done. However, this alone cannot keep your vehicle clean and polished. Have a look at these Hyundai care tips, that can keep your car in good condition.

Go for a touchless car wash

Today, a large number of car-owners have realized the benefits of high-pressure car washes. The cleaning apparatus does not touch the car when it performs the task. However, if your car is excessively dirty, this mechanism will not help out. Therefore, it is recommended to take your car to the workshop from time to time, ensuring that thick coats of dirt do not settle on it. The debris gets pushed across the paintwork in the car when you hit the thick dirt with high-pressure water. However, when the vehicle remains relatively clean, you can use high-pressure to remove the dirt. Visit the nearest service centre for Hyundai care and keep the vehicle clean.

Go for wet wipes in case of a spill

In the case of food spills, many people use fast food napkins to clean up the mess. Well, the spill may apparently go away, but the contamination lingers somewhere in the car. You need to go for a wet wipe in these cases. This is better than the napkins in term of effectiveness in cleaning up the spot. In case you do not use a wet wipe, the food particles may settle there and become stiff in the course of time. It becomes much more difficult to get rid of these marks. Simply use a damp cloth to rinse the area and clean off the mess in case of a spill.

 Use an air freshener

Another highly recommended way to keep your car clean and tidy is to use an air freshener. Well, you need not to dangle a container from the mirrors. Simply get an air freshener that you can attach to one of the vents. This keeps the air inside the car fresh and you will love the refreshing essence. When you visit the service centre for Hyundai care, you can get the air fresheners fixed in the right places in your car.

Use organizers in your car

Well, you can get an organizer to keep the objects in your car in place. These accessories can be fixed at the back side of the front seats. People can store the necessary objects in these organizers, rather than scattering them throughout the car.

Whenever you get out of your car, make sure to carry the things you had carried in. If you have food in the car, throw out the wrappers and plastics when you get out, rather than allowing them to accumulate.

Follow these guidelines to keep your car organized.

5 Tips for Choosing a Safe Child Care Centre


As a new parent, you might find it stressful to resume work after maternity, as well as paternity leaves. You might be in an even more dilemmatic condition while looking for a child care centre for your little bud. Let us face it; there might be very few caregiving centres to tick all the boxes. Yet, to ensure that your precious is spending his or her away-from-mommy hours in a safe, secure and happy environment, there are certain things to check for.

Looking Down

Consider paying a physical visit to any child care centre near your home. See how the staffs interact with their children. In an ideal environment, the teachers, as well as the caregivers would sit on the ground, playing with the kids, snugly holding one of them on his/her lap. Remember that in their early years, young children need interactive, loving and close relationships with the elders to develop a happy and positive mindset. Apart from the question of being warm with the children, it makes sense to see whether the childcare does not allow a single caregiver to look after too many children.

Training Matters

Babies might be cute, but handling many of them single-handedly can be a daunting task how the caregivers respond to the children even during the crisis matters. Apart from being nursery trained, see whether the caregivers have basic training in first-aid, health awareness and safety awareness. The best daycare in Thane should strictly abide by the safety norms laid by the government. You need not hesitate to ask for the credentials of the caregivers who work for your chosen childcare.

The Cleanliness Question

It goes without saying that the child care centres need to maintain the cleanliness of the nursery equipment meticulously. The principal of a responsible day-care centre is likely to have the cleanliness inspection reports. You might want to request the principal to show it before enrolling your child. Water and food-borne diseases are extremely common among Indian toddlers. This often crops up due to poor hygiene and negligence in sanitary care. That being said, it is essential to check how the child care centre distils water, as well as how it stores the same. The kitchen assistants need to maintain hygiene thoroughly. The kitchen surfaces need to be cleaned before and after use every day. Also, check whether the children are taken to wash hands before and after the meals.

About Kitchen and Fire

Check the places where the caregivers store tinned milk, canned milk, and formulas. To avoid unnecessary contamination of foods, there should be proper refrigeration facilities for child products. The best daycare in Thane should always keep fire extinguishers for emergencies, as well. The FSI, or fire service installations and equipment need proper maintenance to keep them in good working condition. Also, it is better to avoid any child care centre which is located vertically below/above a club or a restaurant. It would also be not located in a premise, which is designed for residential usage. Also, for optimum safety, the daycare would not be located in placed like warehouses, cinemas and the like.

The Curriculum

Last, but not least, premium day-care centres offer plenty of age-specific activities. These include group programs, quiet time (this might include reading sessions), individual activities, meals, snacks, as well as free time. In all these, TV and videos play a minimal role. The videos that the caregivers play for the children need to be somewhat educational, and age specific. Of course, there is going to be plenty of toys and games for all, which are fun, recreational, yet having educative value. Some of the most rewarding activities might include creating toddler-style necklaces, creating paper art, go for a pom-pom shoot, go for finger paintings and the like.  There can be occasional events like puppet shows, touching and smelling games, go-as you like events and the like. Older children might prefer something that relates to music, book (reading), plays, nature, and science (gardening, perhaps), physical activities, play (learning dramas) and many more. It all depends on what your child would love to do, and that the daycare provider absolutely acknowledges that.


Corporate Advisory Services – A New Business Environment

Corporate advisory services are necessary to make sure that a business enterprise runs efficiently at its maximum potential through effective control over financial as well as other resources. Additionally, it rejuvenates old-line companies and ailing units and guides existing units in locating areas/activities of growth and diversification. Usually, Merchant Bankers provide these types of services. The company advisory services represent an essential element of the portfolio from the activities of merchant bankers. Corporate advisory services, for any business enterprise, are the following services:

  • Provide guidance in regions of diversification depending on the Government’s economic and licensing policies.
  • Appraising product lines and analyzing their growth and profitability.
  • Forecasting future trends, and rejuvenating old-line companies and ailing sick units by appraising their technology and procedures and restructuring their capital base.

The go on to assist the ailing industrial units is really a well-considered service from the merchant bankers which remained unattended for a long time. The merchant banks in India have recognized this gap and started helping ailing companies to beat their problems. For instance, Punjab National Bank has evolved special expertise in the region and contemplates to provide assistance in this sensitive area in a number of from the following ways, viz:

(i) commissioning of diagnostic studies,

(ii) assessment of revival prospects and preparation of rehabilitation plans, schemes of modernization and diversification, revamping from the financial and organizational structure,

(iii) arranging approval from the banking institutions/banks for schemes of rehabilitation involving financial relief etc. assistance to get soft loans from your banking institutions for capital expenditure as well as the requisite credit facilities from your bank,

(iv) monitoring of rehabilitation schemes, and

(v) exploring probabilities of the takeover of sick units and assistance for making consequential arrangement and negotiations with banking institutions/banks as well as other interests/authorities involved.

The company advisory services as explained usually do not cover all of the services rendered by merchant banks towards the corporate world. Actually, there should not be a finite listing of these types of services. As new problems show up there will be a requirement for a brand new type of corporate advice, which may solve those problems. Some merchant banks would occupy the task and gear up their activities for supplying the needed corporate advice. This can lead to the emergence of brand new corporate advisory services. Therefore it may be rightly said about merchant banks, “merchant banks would be the institutions which identify and solve corporate problems”. As well as the corporate advisory services explained over the merchant banks could also supply the following services towards the corporate world:

  1. a) Assist in Management Decisions.
  2. b) Export Staff Placement and HRD Help.
  3. c) Financial Reengineering.
  4. d) Entrepreneurial Training and Development.
  5. e) Technical Assistance
  6. f) Quality Control & Product Mix.
  7. g) Market Survey and Research.
  8. h) Tax Planning.

For more information about corporate advisory services, simply visit our website.


The Reason For Choosing The Best Day Care Centre For Your Toddler


Moms are often worried about providing the best care to their kids. They generally confused about hiring a babysitter or using daycare for their kids. This decision of handing over one’s child to someone else arouses a lot of guilt and anxiousness. There are several studies that sending one’s child to a daycares centre is beneficial for the kid’s performance. The many of benefits for sending the kid’s to daycare centre as it helps in reaping psychological, social and financial gains. There is plenty of daycare in Thane region and around the country, one can choose from, though it is a difficult task to select the best child care centre from the multiple choices in order to ensure the best services for one’s child.

There are various reasons for choosing the best day care centre for your toddler stated below:

  1. The kid is in safe hands: The best child care centres provide trained and experienced professionals for taking proper care of the young toddler. The professionals have better knowledge related to child care and child psychology that benefits in the proper growth of the kid. The child grows in a safe and supervised environment
  2. Social Rewards: kids who receive childcare at home generally experience one on one interaction mostly with parents and other members of the family only. They find difficulty in adjusting in groups whereas the kids in childcare centres have an opportunity to interact and make friends. At a very early stage, they develop skills like interacting, sharing and problem-solving that helps in developing their personalities.
  3. Lower chances of acquiring depression: A lot of mother’s undergo depression after child’s birth and there are chances of passing this depression onto the child. A lot of studies have stated that kids who go to daycare centres have fewer chances of acquiring depression from their mothers because the kids enjoy their play time doing fun things with other kids that keeps them happy and cheerful.
  4. Readiness for School: Various studies have shown that kids who go to child care centres are much more prepared for school life as compared to the child who stays at home. The kids in childcare are used to a routine that is very much similar to school life. They also gain basic skills in language and maths through fun and play that benefits them in academic life.
  5. Improved health: It is quite common for kids to have a cough and colds when they visit the kinder garden in the beginning. But kids who visited childcare centres before are less prone to cold and fever. They already get used to interacting with other people and are at a lower risk to get viral. The kids also get immense time to exercise and play along with a lot of physical activities at the daycare centres that help in building a healthier lifestyle in the kids.